Are you looking for a White Label Ticketing Software with hundreds of featuress? Then you have arrived at the indicated place!

The most complete solution of the Market you find it in EventBrain.


Online Sale

​Sell Online quickly, safely and easily; both on the website and on mobile devices

Season Tickets

Season Tickets for multiple events, with different categories and functions. Annual, Monthly, monthly or Quota payments.

Print tickets

Through our Platform you will be able to print Tickets for Sale or Courtesy. Personalize the information and design in the Ticket Printing.

Box Office

Sell in Box Office or Points of Sale that enable to your events. Define Stocks and Ticket Types available to each Ticket  Office. Everything will be connected online to both the Web Sales and App Sales, avoiding duplicities of seats or Oversold


Use Referrals to Track Sales generated through people or websites that promote your Tickets or Products. Allocates benefits or rewards to each Referal, and create accounts so that they can see the status of their sales.

Group or Corporate Sales

Make Group or Corporate Sales directly, managing payments internally. Select the seats or amount of Tickets, and make the sale yourself.

Loyalty Clubs 

Fidelize your customers through Loyalty Clubs with which to grant Discounts or Promotions in Tickets or Products.

Courtesey Tickets

Send Courtesy Tickets individually or massively, both in E-Ticket and Hard Ticket..Personalize the content of the mail with which they will receive their Courtesy Tickets


Our Validation APP will allow you to validate your Tickets or Products purchased through any of the EventBrain platforms. Works both online and offline 


Create your own Promotions.2x1, 3x2, 5x4, Adult + Child, etc.Exclusive Pre-Sales with Stocks or Defined Duration.

Landing Page

Create your own Landing Page, and customize the Ticket Sales or your Events Products. You choose the content, which you can work with an HTML editor

Layouts 2D & 3D

Create the different seating and seating categories in a 2d Layout through EventBrain.In addition, 3D Layout integration through 3D Digital Venue company. 


Create the different seating and seating categories in a 2d Layout through EventBrain.In addition, 3D Layout integration through 3D Digital Venue company. 


Need to send information to your attendees? Do it directly through our Platform. Select the ones you want to address and personalize the mail with all the content you want (Pictures, Videos, Content HMTL, or more).


​Create your own forms with different types of questions, Checkbox, Multiple Selection, and other formats. In addition, you can apply for File Upload or Acceptance of Terms and Conditions. 


Real-time online statistics for each of your Business Lines. Personalize your Dashboard with the information you want to see, and how you want to see it.

Audience and connection with Social Networks

Get your Audience from those who visit your Website, or Buy Tickets or Products. We connect in line with the main providers of Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, YouTube, etc). Use this information to generate more effective marketing campaigns, and increase your sales.


Insert Advertising on the Web Site, E-Ticket, Hard Ticket, Shopping Cart, or in your Seat Layouts.

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